Wonder Woman – Review

Wonder Woman – Review
I must admit, when I first heard about a Wonder Woman film coming out, I had my skepticisms. To be frank, I thought it’d be a group of men in awe of Gal Gadot for the entirety of the film. I also thought it would be over-sexualised, with no deep and meaningful parts. All the same, I was excited to watch it because I do enjoy a good action/fantasy movie from time to time. (There are some small spoilers in this piece so if you have not watched the film you have been warned…)
I don’t like watching the trailers for movies, because half the time it doesn’t give the best idea of what the film is about. Because of this, I was a bit confused when the beautiful Amazon princess left her idyllic life to go to London to help fight the war.
However, after getting over this, I must say I did get quite into it! In reality, there were lots of witty one-liners that had me chuckling, and ‘tasteful’ innuendos to replace (what I thought would be) Gadot becoming hugely sexualised for the whole movie. In fact, I was a little upset that there were no sex scenes what so ever! I’ve had a crush on Chris Pine since he appeared beside Lindsay Lohan in Just My Luck back in 2006. My favourite line has to be when the pair were on the boat to London, and Wonder Woman says she’s read all about intercourse and knows that it’s better to pleasure yourself, rather than have a man do it… No comment.
As for the ending, I did find it a little strange. I didn’t really get the jump to the present day at all, so that kind of ruined it for me. I also guessed the twist, but I did get lost in the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Overall, I’d rate it 3/5. I liked that it wasn’t your typical happy ending, even if it was a little strange. It’s definitely worth the watch, and I’d say it would probably be quite good in 4D.
Happy viewing!