The Future of X-Men at FOX

The Future of X-Men at FOX

With Deadpool days from release and X-Men: Apocalypse hitting cinemas on May 27th it’s looking like it could be a big year for FOX’s slice of the Marvel universe.

The whole superhero phenomenon started with the success of X-Men back in 1999 and 17 years later it’s still going strong despite some dips in quality. In the last few years with the huge success of Marvel Studios/Disney with the Marvel Cinematic Universe – FOX has been playing catch up, and now with the arrival of the DC/Warner Bros.the competition is getting much stronger.

Now that FOX has gained a good steak in the market thanks to its already existing films, it has now already green-lit several more films in the X-Men universe. Last year it was reported that X-Force, a spin-off super team from the X-Men was in development, as was another all teenage team in The New Mutants which already has The Fault in Our Stars director Josh Boone signed up to the project.

Currently in pre-production is Hugh Jackman’s final outing as the fabled Wolverine, slated for a 2017 release it will probably follow on from the events of X-Men: Apocalypse. Also due out next year is another standalone X-Men film in Gambit, starring Channing Tatum as the mutant from the south. 

On top of all this there are currently rumours of a Deadpool sequel bubbling and a Wolverine/Deadpool movie that Jackman himself has publicly stated he would be interested in doing.

The good thing is the X-Men comic books are one of the richest in terms of super teams and with the sheer number of heroes and villains FOX has a lot to cherry pick from.

One property that could possibly be the answer to FOX’s answer to Guardians of the Galaxy could be a Silver Surfer movie. They already had him in the second Fantastic Four film and the character already has a very well established world to build on.

Speaking of Fantastic Four, the unmitigated disaster of the reboot last year seems to have sealed the fate for the super team for a while, the slated sequel has been removed from the roster.

Whatever FOX decide to do with the huge and fantastically diverse X-Men universe is yet to be seen and will also be based on how well the current projects are doing. Another slip up like Fantastic Four (2015) could badly damage what they have at the moment. I will say this though, I really would love to see FOX or Disney produce an Alpha Flight movie, wouldn’t you love to see a Canadian superhero team?