Star Wars: The Last Jedi 2nd Trailer

So it’s finally here. The full 2 and a half minute trailer for The Last Jedi has dropped and it’s everything we wanted…and even more mystery. This is the 3rd year of the big Disney Star Wars machine and we now know when to expect what trailers and other bits of news throughout the year so many of us seasoned film nerds were ready and waiting.

The new trailer feature a whole load of emotions for us, with Kylo Ren and General Leia having a moment during an epic space battle through the force. Perceived anti-hero Luke Skywalker training Rey and what seems to be Snoke doing evil force things to Rey. Also everyone’s going to be talking about Chewbacca’s new little buddy the Porgs, this is still a kids film at heart so something cute and adorable to contrast war is a good thing (plus kids toys).

Many critics and fans alike have speculated that this film will be darker in tone, much like the original Star Wars trilogy and this new trailer does seem to confirm that. There is seldom a fun or exciting moment to be seen, it’s doom and gloom, fighting, and snippets of evil monologues. The trailer finishes on a moment that seems to suggest that Kylo and Rey form an alliance of some sort which will no doubt filter into the final film in 2019.