SDCC News – Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel phase 4 kicked off with the hugely successful Spider-Man: Homecoming and now next to finish off a very good year for the brand is the third and final film of the trilogy starring everyone’s favourite blonde god of thunder.

Thor: Ragnarok picks up from the events of Doctor Strange last year with Odin missing and Loki up to no good as usual.

We also catch up with the mean green destruction machine the Hulk after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron after Bruce Banner/Hulk goes into hiding (who knew it would be on another planet!) This final film will see Thor lose his hammer and get sent to another part of the universe where he meets up with his old work buddy Hulk as they team up to take back Asgard from the Goddess of Death Hela.

The events of this film will very likely have a huge part on next years Avengers: Infinity War Part 1. As to how, who and what…we can only excitedly wait for Thor: Ragnarok to hit cinemas on October 27th.