SDCC News – Justice League

SDCC wouldn’t be complete without DC/Warner Bros. releasing a trailer for their expanded universe through the first Justice League film.

This is the second trailer for the film and this time we see the iconic heroes become a team to fight the partly seen super villain Steppenwolf who was teased in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice last year. This trailer also gives us a bit more comic relief from The Flash, including a funny take of the hero vanishing after a shadowy meeting on a roof top – a fun way to poke fun at a classic comic book staple.

The trailer also hints heavily that Superman will come back at the final hour to help his fellow heroes when they need him the most – also you can’t have the Justice League without Superman, it’s like the Avengers, you have to have Captain America!

Coming hot off the very successful heels of Wonder Woman it may also be the last time actor Ben Affleck plays the dark knight of Gotham as the solo Batman film is having lots of problems, we’ll find out soon I’m sure. Justice League is in cinemas November 17th.