Girls Trip Exclusive Screening

Girls Trip Exclusive Screening

Films like this can go only one of two ways. You are either blown away from the start, laughing the whole way through, or you have a few light hearted laughs as the trailer has already revealed the best bits. 

I can ensure you, Girls Trip is the former. 

Let’s rewind to before the film even began. I was lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive screening of the film, before its release. So when I arrived, I was ushered to a free bar where I grabbed a wine and headed straight to the big wall adorned with “Girls Trip” for a photoshoot. Not only this, but the organisers had girls painting nails, a photo booth and plenty of pick n’ mix to choose from. 


It was a very surrreal experience, but all of a sudden I glance over and Jada Pinkett Smith is stood right in front of me. Wow. She is incredible and I was one of the lucky few to get a photo with the goddess. Amazing! 

She introduced the film like a pro; ensuring everybody that we would laugh, cry and cheer. I’ll pause quickly and say I have never been to a screening like it. 

Everyone was so hyped, we were screaming, cheering, wooing and booing as the storyline progressed. When you put Regina Hall in any movie it’s bound to be good, but alongside Jada and Queen Latifah, it was comedy gold. 

I have not laughed that much at a movie in such a long time. It made it even funnier being sat beside Kojo Anim, doing all he could to get the girls riled up. You could definitely hear his laugh above everyone else’s. 

Besides the laughs, what I loved most about the movie was the true friendship shown by the girls. You need those kind of girls in your life and if you don’t have them,  I feel sorry for you! The plot was focused around that, with the girls coming together to deal with a horrible situation. I loved that it was about strong, black women, but it wasn’t just a line in the film. 

This film is definitely a must watch. Take all the girls and then go for dinner and drinks afterwards. You definitely won’t regret it!