FOX & Marvel 2018 Calendar

FOX & Marvel 2018 Calendar

Here at The FilmCo we have reported on the various FOX-led Marvel movies, most of which are tied to the X-Men films, which are in various stages of production.

The latest update from FOX is their 2018 slate of films which has subsequently raised some eyebrows as up first is a rather unknown group – which we have reported on in the past – in New Mutants which is due to be released on April 13th 2018. New Mutants is an X-Men spin off team of much younger mutants training to be X-Men – or something like it – at the famed Xavier school that we all know and love. Several characters of the team have briefly appeared on screen already in X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014). New Mutants is due to start filming in a few weeks and has confirmed the casting of James McAvoy as Professor X.

Next up in 2018 is everyones favourite foulmouthed anti-hero Deadpool, with a scheduled released date of June 29th 2018. There is a rumour that Deadpool will cameo in the previously mentioned New Mutants, probably as a post credit scene, to link the films together. Deadpool 2 also features the newly cast Josh Brolin as Cable who has a bigger connection with the New Mutants (can you see what FOX/Marvel are doing yet?). Other than Deadpool 2 featuring a new time travelling character in the form of Cable (Brolin) very little else is know about the plot, or the villain… it could even be Cable.

Last up for FOX is X-Men: Dark Phoenix. This will continue the storyline of the younger cast that was introduced in X-Men Apocalypse (2016) particularly Sophie Turner as Jean Grey AKA Dark Phoenix. This film may be the beginning of a third (or fourth if you count the Wolverine films) X-Men movie trilogy as most of the cast from the last three films are moving on from their roles making the younger cast come to the forefront. The Dark Phoenix story line was (badly) done in X-Men: Last Stand but with the various in universe time travelling this event has been wiped, it’s one of the larger more well known of the X-Men comic book events even making its way into the 90s cartoon series.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be due in cinemas on November 2nd 2018 just in time to do battle with the Han Solo movie.