Deadpool 2 Trailer

That meta foul mouthed super hero is back again with his latest trailer for the incredibly popular Deadpool. Last time around Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) had a huge hand in not only getting the film into production but also in its hilarious marketing campaign, which was delivered excellently and attributed to the films success. With Deadpool 2 that stream of swaggering f**kery is back in this new trailer with a FX joke about Josh Brolin’s (Cable) arm and then a few moments of Deadpool with some action figures, it goes from there as usual.

Cable is a huge X-Men universe character who travels back from the future and is the child of Cyclops and Jean Grey. He is the opposite of Deadpool but only in recent comic book history were these two characters put together in a dynamic that weirdly worked. Whether we’ll see Cable cross over from Deadpool 2 into other X-Men related films is currently unknown but as a fan favourite it would be great to see.

Lastly another popular character – and future love interest for Cable – is Domino played by Zazie Beetz who is a mutant with the power to alter probability, so when she shoots you she never misses her target and is generally a huge bad-ass. It’s great to see her join Cable for their screen debuts.