Chris Evans becomes a dad … (kinda) in the film Gifted

Chris Evans has come a long way from his role as the Human Torch in Fantastic Four as in new movie Gifted he plays a father figure.

Gifted is the tale of a man called Frank whose sister passed away leaving him with her young orphaned daughter Evelyn (Mckenna Grace) .

Wanting to give her a normal life they are both faced with battles that are beyond what both of them had imagined.

Evelyn has a special talent, being a mathematical protégé, which leads to family members (Jenny Slade) and the system wanting to take her away from what is important and in this case, it’s her uncle (Evans).

The trailer shows the bond between family and values that we could all learn from.

Academy award winner Octavia Spencer also makes an appearance in the film.

You can watch the trailer here. The film is set to be in cinemas April 2017.