10 Reasons Why the Death Crawl Scene from Facing the Giants is so Epic.

10 Reasons Why the Death Crawl Scene from Facing the Giants is so Epic.

1. The coach doesn’t take any crap


Think back to your favourite teacher at school. My guess is it was the one that helped you when you needed them, taught you to look at things in different ways, was friendly and laid back, but didn’t take any crap. Quite often, our best coaches/mentors/teachers are the ones who tell you straight.

2. You immediately start to think what ‘your best’ is


And what exactly is that? Do you know how much you can handle? Maybe not the death crawl, but what is your best on any task, you must do daily in order to reach certain goals? Work or personal, make sure you know what ‘your best’ actually is.

3. You then start to reflect on when you’ve given up at a certain point, knowing you could have gone further


We’ve all done it. If you haven’t, you’re definitely lying. I’ve often given up in the gym when I know I could have gone for the heavier weight, or I could have completed one more sprint. It’s in our nature, because in today’s society our attitude is if we don’t try, we haven’t failed. We need to fail more, in order to grow.

4. The coach walks alongside him, every step of the way


The people we value the most, are the ones who were there during the struggle, not just when we’re celebrating our successes.

5. When it gets harder, the coach shouts louder


From personal experience, if I’m getting annoyed and raising my voice at my Year 11’s, it’s because it’s getting closer to exams and they’re finding it harder. They know full well the minute I go quiet and don’t yell, is when I’ve given up on them. I will always shout louder.

6. The silence that falls over his team mates the more they watch him


We’ve all been there. We overlook people because they never put that much effort in. Then, every so often, suddenly, they will take us by surprise. We can’t help but watch in stunned silence as they prove that they can do it and not to discredit them.

7. “It’s all heart from here.”


Absolutely. Skill and talent can only get you to a certain point. Whatever the goal, no matter how big or small, it takes heart to finish the job.

8. The metaphor of the blind fold


We know he’s wearing the blindfold so that he doesn’t give up, just because he thinks he’s further than he is. But quite often, we embark on our journey with a general idea of what it takes to get there, but mostly with no real clue. We’re blindly trying to stumble through life, achieving goals and receiving recognition for the little milestones along the way. Sometimes we have no idea how we got there, but we did it.

9. We are all the “most influential player”


We all hold some value within our team. Whether that’s at work, in a friendship group or in a relationship. You cannot walk around thinking you are anything other than influential, because you have no idea who is looking up to you. Lead by example.

10. Nothing worth having comes easy.


Amen. If it’s easy, it’s not worth it. So go through the pain, the struggle, the thought of giving up because it seems to hard. Ride the waves of mistakes, embarrassment and wrong doings. Every time you get knocked down, come back even more determined to achieve your goal. A very good friend of mine told me that if you become undeniable, nobody can deny you. Make yourself undeniable.